Workflow Builder: Simplest Way to Streamline Routine Processes

Axonator Workflow Builder offers a set of tools to create mobile and web workflows as complex as you like in order to automate routine business processes.
Workflows to streamline every business operations

Build a Better Process Pipeline with
Workflow Builder

With Axonator Workflow Builder you can create and customize simple as well as complex workflows to automate routine business processes. Workflow automation removes productivity blocks and helps you move projects forward with appropriate actions and reactions. These workflows are customized to fulfill your every requirement and are simple to implement.

Fast, Easy, and Automated Complex Workflows

Unlock the Power of Automatic & Manual Task Routing

Effortlessly perform automatic or manual task routing with ‘Assign task’ widget. Assign tasks to a specific group or randomly as per the availability of a particular person. You can also assign a task to a person who has already performed the previous task in the same workflow.
3. Perform Automatic and Manual Task Routing

Trigger Emails and Push Notifications in Real Time

Trigger push notifications instantly after a specific task is assigned or completed. For instance, a notification (e-mail, SMS) is triggered when a safety inspection is rated as ‘unsafe’ and immediately the concerned supervisor and manager is informed.

Manage All Types of Approvals Using Workflow

With Axonator workflow builder create approval workflow transparently, effectively, and accurately. Anyone can submit approval requests through mobile forms and track every step of the way. Tracking means submitters can see where approvals are and auditors can see a full history of who approved what and when. For instance, an inspection form or a survey form sent for approval can be approved or rejected based on compliances with specified protocols.
7. Ready-Made Workflows for Common Scenarios

Experience the Secure & Scalable Enterprise-Grade Software

Apps built using the Axonator platform are automatically scalable, secure and robust. Integrations with existing enterprise systems like IAM, Single Sign-on & legacy systems means your existing investments continue to deliver more ROI.

Ready-Made Workflow Templates for Fast Implementation & Automation

Ready-made preconfigured workflows to automate most common business processes. Such kind of preconfigured workflows are implemented without any change or after making minor adjustments. This feature of workflow builder significantly reduces implementation time and is optimized for specific applications.
7. Ready-Made Workflows for Common Scenarios
Axonator | Parallels Workflow Management Software

Advanced Workflows Complementing Complex Business Processes

Set up advanced workflows like parallel workflows, multi-user workflows, etc to automate most complex business processes. You can effortlessly create mobile and web workflows as complex as you like.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Drive Seamless Connectivity Through Smart Integration with Legacy and Existing Systems

Connect your mobile forms and workflows to third party platforms for unrestricted flow of data. This seamless integration facility helps you to establish a reliable and accurate flow of critical data sourced from your different business processes.
CMMS Integration

What's Next?
Generate Insightful Reports Automatically!

After workflow automation, Axonator instantly generates reports based on the submitted forms and such reports are instantly emailed to specified stakeholders in the format chosen by you. These workflows are also designed to supply real-time updates to dynamically update spreadsheet rows and analytical dashboards. This is a great way to track critical processes, improve quality and monitor compliances.

We Build Your Apps

Axonator Services team provides on-demand services to organizations seeking to transform their field processes using world-class enterprise mobile solutions.
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App Assembly Process

Work your magic through Industry ready components to create your software that serves on an industrial scale.
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Mobilize Web Apps

Leave behind legacy systems in favor of web-based applications to drive enterprise mobility for improved business outcomes.
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White Label and Hosting Options

Take advantage of fully customized, specialty business apps that feature your brand and design using Axonator white label services

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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Why Axonator Workflow Builder?

  • Excellent visual interface of the entire Axonator platform enables you to easily design complex workflows to implement highly structured processes without any coding.
  • Implement conditional logic in workflows to automatically trigger specified actions.
  • Integrate with existing third-party systems via REST API and enhance the way tasks are accomplished.
Axonator Enterprise Ready Solution app

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